Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moonstone Mounted Sculpture - Student Work

This year I only have one second year Ceramics student, senior Chareena Benavidez, mixed in with 32 beginners. I love when I get to work with the clay kids a second year because there are so many more surface design problems you can tackle on the clay's surface. Plus I get to teach them to throw on the potter's wheel, which is way too much fun for me LOL, and they get to work to a larger scale on many of their projects. This was Chareena's first piece of the year, a pinch/paddled enclosed form with a face sculpted onto the surface. We sawdust fired it for an earthy look and then she mounted the piece on a wood base that she sanded, drilled and decorated to compliment the piece. Really wonderful work Chareena! You will be seeing more of her work because she is in the process of finishing many of her pieces from earlier in the year.

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