Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stamped Appliquilts - Student Work

Inspired over the summer by a quilt I had bought by fiber artist Laura Wasilowski in which she had carved and stamped out her design on fabric, I felt it would be cool to try it out with my beginners as they designed their appliquilts. The kids really enjoyed carving the stamps but the printing wasn't so easy to control. Not sure if I got them the right printing ink. But the results were terrific and I'm excited to share them. Last school year the assistant editor from Quilting Arts Magazine saw these and a few of the kids works got published. So here's hoping QA sees these new works :) This sweet giraffe was made by senior Tiffany Wang. She put extraordinary effort into her piece as you can see in the close up below. The blue dots in the background were her stamped images.

This next piece, so unusual in design, belongs to senior Liezl Talamayan. I love how she separated her work into 4 parts. Liezl's stamped area are her buildings.

Above and below we have senior Alex San Pablo. I adore her design, it's so well thought out and executed. She stamped out many of her leaves in various shades of rust. These kids also tye-dyed both their front and back pieces earlier in the year, knowing that they'd be used in this format.

This "Just Dance" piece was done by sophomore Shivani Patel. She even learned how to attach a shishsa mirror and incorporated it into her design. Tiffany has one in her design above, as well as Ellin below. These were an extra credit opportunity because they are difficult and time consuming. Shivani chose to stamp along her binding edge. Clever idea.

Sophomore Ellin Li has done an incredible job and spent considerable time and effort in working out her design. Her stamps are her lovely flowers in the tree.

Above we have the work of senior Brenda Yee and junior Kathy Kim. I think this might be Kathy's first time on the blog, way to go woman!! I love how hard you've been working for me. :) I also enjoy the playfulness of Kathy's design. And Brenda's piece has beautifully carved stamps going on, several shell shapes printed on the larger shell's rays. Brenda always has inpeccable craftsmanship as well.

Above we see the work of amazingly talented 8th grader Karisma Dev, and below hers is the adorable piece by junior Shayna Franklin. Both of these girls stepped outside the box by adding additional embellishments. Karisma with her twigs and sequins, and Shayna with her silk leaves. Below are quilts done by senior Nicole Gimeno and junior Elsie Aguilar. Nicole put in lots of extra time in doing her checked background, and then fussy cutting those flowers and letters and appliqueing them down.
And in this close up of Elsie's you can she the tremendous amount of time that she spent cutting out and appliqueing down her animals. (Not sure why the colors corrected differently in Elsie's 2 photos)

We have a bit of an upsetting subject matter in junior Jaimee Chirico's piece above. But I like that my students feel free enough in my class to express themselves thru their art. Next to Jaimee's piece we have sophomore Rita Labib"s lovely peacock.
I really like how senior Abril Guzman solved her stamping requirement by doing the tree leaves. What a striking piece she has created in amazing color choices. Next to hers we have senior Anika Haque who always gives me amazing energy in all her pieces. Just look at the detail below to see all the time she spent stitching into her background. She also has stamped a clever border treatment around her perimeter.

And lastly we have junior Noel Kim who always gives me everything she's got and more. An incredible young woman who better be back next year LOL
I know this was a tedious assignment you guys, but I just want you all to know how proud I am of all of you for hanging in there with me and producing such beautiful pieces. For EXTRA CREDIT on a piece of yellow paper cut into the shape of a sun with rays, put down the name of the person whose quilt is your favorite. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PAPER, write your name and period.


  1. The stitching is wonderful! I loved every one.

  2. Wonderful and amazing little works of art! How cool that kids get to make this kind of art in school. You rock!

  3. I am always just in awe of the amazing creativity of your students. You inspire them so well. Keep up the good work!