Monday, February 28, 2011

Mosaic Frames - Student Art

Once again my Beginning 3-D kids have outdone themselves with their first attempt at mosaics. This is a group shot of all the ones that were turned in on time. Let me show you some close-ups.

I want to start with junior Shayna Franklin cuz hers is one of my personal favorites this year. It's close-up below shows off the cool pottery chards she used along with the awesome checkerboard pattern. Plus look at all the text she incorporated. So well thought out. Hers was one of the most difficult to grout because of the multi-levels.

Another incredible piece came in from senior Abril Guzman. Working out a mermaid in her very first piece, extremely difficult. Way to hang in there woman! And then below another challenging piece done by senior Tiffany Wang of 2 giraffes in love :)

The class voted on their favorite piece and the most votes went to senior Catherine Aguilar for her bumble bees buzzing round the cattails. A lot of very intricate work. Congrats Catherine. Below hers is sophomore Rita Labib who came up with a very unique design. Love yours Rita!!

And 8th grader extraordinaire, Karisma Dev, once again comes up with a stunning work. Below is senior Anisha Mistry who spent hours working out her gorgeous design that balances so perfectly.

And look at the subtle stylings of junior Noel Kim, her work is so delicate and lovely. And below hers is another junior, Marissa Fierro, daughter of our Math teacher Ms. Fierro. Just look at your girl go - Beautiful!!

Junior Elsie Aguilar also dipped into the larger pottery chards and came up with this beauty. Notice how she's allowing a couple of the pieces to work their way outside the box. Love that! And sophomore Shivani Patel worked out this incredible design below. I really like those tiny black lines leading your eye thru the piece.

And one of the boldest works was done by senior Gabi Centeno. Love both her design and her choice of colors. A very striking work. And our last 3 beauties were done by senior Jonathan Han, and juniors Lorena Morales and Paul An. All 36 will be on display at Open House in April.

For EXTRA CREDIT on a black piece of paper cut into the shape of a frame, use a white colored pencil or crayon and vote for your favorite. Put your name and period on the other side. Just like always.

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