Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shapes of Shadows with Collage and Watercolor - Student Work

These 4 beauties belong to my 2nd year drawing/painting kids. It was a mixed media assignment involving india ink and a choice between watercolor and collage or both. I turned the lights out in the far corner of my room so I could put a spotlight on our subject, my 3rd period T.A. and model for this assignment, Michael Chen. Then the kids positioned themselves around him and were allowed to draw only the shapes of the shadows they saw on his face, neck and shoulders. Then to go back in and ink those shadows. After that they could bring in watercolor, collage of both. The top left piece belongs to sophomore Hannah Park (Michael felt this one looked the most like him), far top right belongs to sophomore Cindy Kim, bottom left is senior Kevin Aquilo's and next to his is sophomore Samantha Arias.

A close up of all the work both Hannah and Cindy put into their pieces.

And then a closer look at both senior Elsie Engly's work above, and Kevin's piece below. I felt that Kevin captured Michael's likeness the best. For EXTRA CREDIT, on a piece of multicolored paper cut into the shape of a head, put the name of the student whose piece you liked the best, and on the other side of the paper put your name and period. Give to me when you walk in the door tomorrow.

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