Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Road Trip to Vegas for New Year's Eve

How I love my road trips with Jim. We have so much fun getting away together. So when his band was asked to perform in Vegas for New Years Eve, I was one happy girl. Because of all the rain we had in December our local mountains were covered in snow. This is a shot from the 15 Freeway going north while passing thru Norco.

This is the same mountain range looking at it from the other side, still on the 15 but driving thru Devore, right by the Mountain High exit for the local skiers.

We are now in the high desert that stretches out forever. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but the hills are amazing. We finally reach the half way point in Baker and get off to grab a bit to eat at the infamous Mad Greek (saw this place showcased on the Food Channel), and it was delicious. We met up with 2 other band members, and a couple others who were traveling with them, and we found the biggest table in the place to eat our feast at. LOL

This is snow at 80 mph along the side of the road as we get closer to Vegas, and it's really getting cold outside, with the winds blowing like CRAZY! Finally approaching the Stateline below.

And then Las Vegas.

We had a beautiful view from our 13th floor window at the Hilton off the Strip looking out towards the original downtown area. This was only my 2nd time in Vegas as an adult, my first time to finally try gambling. Didn't like it at all, stopped after about 2 mins. and got all my money back. I work way to hard for my money to throw it away like that!

Did I mention it was cold there? Like in the low 30's with a very nasty wind chill. We got there a day early so the band could get in one practice before the big night. Practice was at the home of Donna and Richie, the two lead members of the group The Highlites. They usually drive into Orange County to sing with Jim's band The Rockits, but now it was their turn to host us.
Here we are New Years Eve at the venue right before the band started to play. It was held at an Irish Pub right across the street from the Orleans Hotel and Casino, playing to this octogenarian below. LOL

Here are The Highlites, Bobby, Richie, Donna and Rita with Jim in the back on bass guitar. Doesn't Jim look sooooo handsome? :) And there's Kelli singing and looking stunning in her black frock. Kelli is Richie and Donna's very talented daughter. She sings like an angel.
And lastly, we have Jim and Little Richie (Donna and Richie's son) doing their thing on guitar at the end of the night. Happy New Year everyone!

I know this post was a bit tardy, but better late then never :)

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