Thursday, February 24, 2011

Professional Watercolor Artist Judy Schroeder

Today I'd like to showcase a local watercolor artist and gallery owner, Judy Schroeder. Her gallery, Schroeder Studio/Gallery is located in the Orange Circle in Old Town Orange, Ca., home also to Chapman College. Judy teaches great watercolor classes at her studio there; in fact 3 years ago I took a fundamentals class from her to brush up on my own techniques. I learned so much from her that I didn't pick up in art school, and now I incorporate her lessons into my curriculum whenever I teach watercolor (see Label- Watercolor Lemons). Jim and I went to visit her gallery last Friday nite after eating dinner in the Circle at Watson's Drug Store and Soda Fountain. The burgers there are yummy, and the portions generous. Anyways, Judy was working the store that night and she remembered me and we got to chatting about blogs, so I went on hers the next day and really enjoyed all that she had posted, from her drawings above

to her on location pieces above and her watercolor collages below. What I really appreciated was her showing her step by step process for watercolor collage. Very interesting and informative. Her gallery showcases many crafts artists as well as other watercolor painters. So drop on by if you can and tell Judy I sent you.

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  1. I love Judy's work. She was one of the artists whose work is featured at the Orange Main Library and History Center. She is also a lovely person!