Friday, November 19, 2010

Value Studies - Student Review

I'm very tardy in posting these. It was a review assignment in graphite, done during the first week of school by my Intermediate and Advanced 2-D students, the Advanced kids having to do a 13 step value scale and the Intermediate kids doing a 10 step value scale. The lovely piece above was made by senior Shirley Sun (2nd year), and the 2 beauties below were completed by junior Jaimee Chirico (3rd year) and sophomore Hannah Park (2nd year).


  1. Hi...i loved the creative way of presenting the value scale...wonder what exactly was the brief given to the students..??

  2. The top image pulled me here through Pinterest. I am an English, journalism, tech teacher in Oklahoma and wish to share your blog with some of my students. I am teaching blogging to most of my students, several of whom are also artists. This is a lovely example of what they can do with a blog.