Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tissue Collaged Portfolios - Student Art

My Beginning 2-D students just completed a huge design assignment that they then made into their portfolios to house and transport all their flat art work. The piece above was one that I featured 2 years ago belonging to alum Christina Lee. Let me show you part of the process below with this year's crop of kids.

Senior Tiffany Wang began her design (above) with some images she had printed out at home that she then collaged to a piece of 18" by 24" construction paper with Matte Mod Podge. She then chose a warm color scheme in tissue paper and ripped random shapes and collaged those over top her images (below)

She made another construction collage in exactly the same way but in a cool color scheme. She was then required to use a sun motif as her subject and cut the two collages so that she could alternate those sun designs when laying out her 2 portfolio tops. So below is her finished portfolio. You are seeing it laid open so you can see both sides. Many of the kids chose to protect their work with clear packing tape, that's why all the photos are somewhat shiny.

This next one is quite a bit more complex in how she laid out her tissue paper pieces. Instead of ripping, sophomore Ashley Tang cut all of her pieces before she collaged them down over top some sheet music and other varied paper images. She made this one in a cool color scheme and then one in warm colors. Below is her finished portfolio, after she designed her subject and cut and alternated her pieces. It's a brilliant design for one so young.
Below is a close up of one of the finished halves with the clear tape over top.

Both Ashley and senior Jennifer Park (above) figured out how to alternate their names into their designs (their names being the rays of their suns), clever girls! And my favorite this year belonged to junior Crislyn Ogawa (below). I will be featuring a lot of her work this year because she is an incredible designer and craftswoman. Because of all her thin and wispy shapes within her design, she came up with a new solution to lay them out before gluing so as not to loose placement. Hard to explain but it sure worked well for her. We've got such smart children here. I'm so lucky!
For EXTRA CREDIT: on a yellow piece of paper cut into the shape of a sun with rays, write the name of the student whose portfolio you liked best. On the back side write your name and class period and hand to me when you walk in my door tomorrow. :)

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