Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Needle Felting Prelims. - Student Work

Aren't these gorgeous? And they are just my 2nd year 3-d kid's preliminaries to learn how to control the felting needle. Some of the felt pieces were cut from recycled hand felted pieces made the year before. Then others, like the flower petals above, were formed and needled felted from dyed wool rovings. The students were also required to review their beading skills acquired in the beginning class and sew down some seed and bugle beads. The colors that junior Nandi Best used in the work above and below, are so sensory. I just love everything she does.

In the bracelet above and below senior Kelsea Lee needle felted a fabulous design. I was drooling over her piece so she gave it to me as an early Xmas present. I wear it almost every day. Thank you Kelsea!!

Above senior Hilary Chan did this adorable key chain.

And starting with the pix above, these were buried in my picture file and I'd forgotten to blog them last school year. So I'm going to try to remember who did what. The sweet flower bracelet was made by last year's senior Alma Gudino. And I'm pretty sure the cute whale was done by then senior Christie Connors. And the bottom bracelet was done by alum Trisha Shah.

The little love heart above was completed by this year senior Angeline Tran last year, and the 2 cats were produced by alum Jullian Kuo, and then the bottom flower was done last year by this year senior Olivia Hill. And last but not least, the fabulous creature below was playfully put together by then senior Nicholas Francisco.

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