Friday, November 5, 2010

Farewell 1st Quarter 7th Graders

Good-bye Charlie, Heather, Jason, Joann, Josh, Lily, all 30 of you! Man, am I gonna miss you guys. I was just getting used to you and visa-versa and it's time to switch to a whole new group of young ones already. I can only hope they are as sweet as you all have been. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope that many of you will be back for more art classes. So let's see some of your work. This is the unit on Linear Texture and Pattern with a watercolor washed background. The two pieces above were done by Eryn Burnett and Moses Won, and the 2 below where created by Clarissa Gutierrez and Hunter Wu.

And then we have the stylings of Jae Olano and Sharon Wang. What beautiful pieces these are, and highly creative. A suggestion: have your parents frame them out for you :) Love you guys! I'll miss you. Drop by and visit me at lunch.

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  1. Thank you for being such a amazing art teacher! I think I'll aim for art again sometime at my years here at whitney. Thank you so much Ms. Agrums!