Friday, November 19, 2010

7th Grade Value Scales - Student Art

I'm also a bit tardy getting these posted, they belong to my 1st Quarter 7th grade wheel class. But I did want my 2nd crop of young ones to see them since they are working on a similar assignment. They were required to give me at least 5 values of grey within their scale.The 2 top pieces belong to Sarah Chan and Jason Yoon, and the bottom one was done by Jimmy Hwang. Pretty darn good for ones so young! Miss you guys! For EXTRA CREDIT: on Monday when you walk in the door hand me a piece of orange paper cut into the shape of a pencil with your name and period on one side and the name of the student who designed the most creative value scale. You can choose from the 7th graders here or from the advanced classes in the post above. The student who gets the most votes will receive an extra credit point if they are currently enrolled in one of my classes.

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