Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Embroidery Basics - Student Art

I have an amazing group of Beginning 3-d Art students this year who are so enthusiastic and give me so much effort on all their assignments. And this one was just a simple preliminary piece to learn several embroidery stitches. But look at these kids go! The top piece was designed and executed by senior Nicole Gomeno. Isn't she something?

In the top piece middle we have a student who did not put their name on the back side of their work (oops), we will refer to this person as no name student #1 for the extra credit opportunity coming up. And below that one we have senior Anisha Mistry with the gorgeous butterfly piece.

These next 3 on top belong to junior Lorena Morales, sophomore Rita Labib, and senior Gabby Centeno. And below is a close up of all the work Rita put into her piece. I wanted you to see her attention to detail.

The ones above belong to senior Brenda Yee, junior Noel Kim, and senior Sylvia Tran. Can you believe what I'm getting out of these kids???

And as we finished up this preliminary assignment, I also had them put together a small pillow. They weren't even required to stitch on top,but many of them did for extra credit. Starting at the top left with the grapes going clockwise we have junior Elsie Aguilar, junior Claudine Talamayan, her sister senior Liezl Talamayan, no name #2, junior Marissa Fierro, senior Catherine Aguilar, junior Noel Kim again :), and in the middle senior Shalu Singh. Way to knock this assignment out of the park you guys! For EXTRA CREDIT: cut out the shape of a stitching needle from a large piece of gray paper. Put your name and period on one side and on the other side write the name of the person whose piece you liked the best from all the ones above.


  1. I love these, your kids are truly talented.

  2. I am so impressed with all the wonderful skills you are teaching your students. These embroidered pieces are beautiful.