Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

Saturday Nite was a blast at Java Joe's with Jim's band and all the great Halloween costumes. Getting in close with Jim for this pix was a little scarry though. LOL

His costume lasted for the first set then off it came, it was just too hot under the lights with that trench coat and mask.

The Highlites from Vegas were dressed as Sonny and Cher, and little Rita was Cleopatra. Bobby chose not to dress up. But Jim's best friend and the band's sax player, Dan with his fiance', came as a pair of gypsies. They just got engaged last weekend, and are so happy together.

Then on Sunday my kids carved their pumpkins in the driveway. There is always a bit of rivalry between those two when it comes to pumpkin carving. Zach used to always be the super star, but I think Dan is beginning to surpass him. Good thing Zach doesn't pay any attention to my blog. LOL Jim was supervizing :) In this shot you can see where his injury is. He spent part of his day today at the Wound Clinic getting help, the surgeon on Monday told him that if he doesn't take good care of it and the infection spreads, that he might loose part of his leg. Really frightening stuff! I'll keep you posted (to see the wound go back to my post from 2 days ago)

Here is Zach's finished carving of our new baby girl, Sophie. Do you see the likeness?

And this is Danie's beauty, a big gorgeous flower. Couldn't wait to light them that evening, but unfortunately, we had no trick-o-treaters to see them. What we did have were a lot of fruit flies that immediately started attaching the pumpkin flesh. YUCK!

By Monday morning they were half way caved in, sooooooooooo sad!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend.

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