Monday, November 15, 2010

Hand Knit/Hand Felted Bags - Student Work

Here are my girls, spinning their hearts out on my spinning wheels. They are my 3rd year Advanced 3-d art students, and they just made these gorgeous bags from scratch (see below).

So much work was involved in the process, they had to hand dye wool roving and then spin it into yarn on the spinning wheels, then learn to knit on circular needles and plan out their bag design, complete with handles. They were required to stripe their hand spun yarns with some wool felting yarn from Brown Sheep. Handle treatments were up to them, store bought or handmade. Plus they had to add a special handmade accent. Then throw the whole thing into the washing machine for the felting process. They were allowed to control the felting, as much or as little as they preferred. Senior Angeline Tran did the beauty above.

Senior Olivia Hill did this glorious orange bag with brownish green hand spuns above, and senior Breeana Jhong did the breathtaking bag below.

Check out her entrelac design she knit into bag with her colorful hand spuns. And below, check out the tedious seed and bugle beading she incorporated. And then how cute is the sweet little felt ball she made to attach to the zipper of her lining. as you can see, all the girls came up with beautiful pieces.
I'm so proud of you 3 for learning to spin on the wheel. I know it was hard but all of you hung in there and conquered it! For EXTRA CREDIT: On a brown piece of paper, cut into the shape of a bag, write the name of student you feel designed the coolest bag from the 3 above. On the other side of the paper put your name and period. Hand to me when you walk in door tomorrow :)

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  1. The purses look great! I would like to learn how to spin, what hard work to learn how to spin and then learn to knit. Great job.