Monday, November 8, 2010

7th Grade Collaged Boxes with Stamped Tissue and Wire Pendants

This will be the last post from my 1st Quarter 7th graders that I said good-bye to on Friday. This was a real mixed media assignment that had several components. First they learned to work with 22 gauge wire to wrap a pendant with, and then they collaged an old, donated jewelry box to house the pendant, and then also learned about patterns so they could stamp the tissue paper that encloses the pendant within the box. A lot of stuff, right? Yep! So these were my favorites. In the top photo we have boxes done by Jae Olano, Sarah Chan, and Eryn Burnett.

And above we have work done by Joann Chung and Moses Won. Below you can see Heather Cook's box as well as her very cool stamped tissue paper.

And lastly you can see the inside of Eryn's box and the beautiful pendant she wrapped in wire.
You young ones will be missed! You all made wonderful art pieces for me. Thank You!

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