Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pen and Ink Washes - Student Art

These sweet pieces were done earlier in the year by my 2nd year drawing and painting students. Their assignment was to draw a shell in modified contour with a sharpened dowel dipped in ink. So no pencil drawings first, just jumping right in with pen and ink. The kids were scared to death. If they made a mistake there was no taking it back, so this was a good stretch for them. After their drawing was dry they were to use at last 3 values of ink washes and brush in the shaded areas. Then after piece was done they learned how to make a professional mat to frame piece out in. Those were the minimum requirements. What I love about teaching here is that many of my students like to go beyond the minimum and shake things up a bit. Thus the watercolor, collaging, and untraditional matting. From top to bottom, senior Amanda Garcia (rumor has it that Amanda recently heard from Rhode Island School of Design and was told she was one of their top candidates to get in for next year - congrats Amanda!), junior Hannah Park, and seniors Caroline Ma and Mindy Cho. Beautiful work ladies.


  1. They are all terrific.
    Lucky Amanda. RISD is where I went.
    *fingers crossed for you*

  2. All these pieces, including the last few days worth, are fantastic!