Friday, March 20, 2009

Katherine England - Artist Extrodinaire

It's really fun for me to share with you one of my all time favorite people, glass artist Katherine England, my mosaic teacher. I have featured her work and those of her students in her art studio at the Muckenthaler in Fullerton in my blog, but recently I was lucky enough to be able to visit her at her home in a wonderful older Fullerton area neighborhood where the homes are at least 100 years old. She allowed me free access to both the interior and exterior of her house, so I hope you enjoy what I was able to experience firsthand. From top to bottom are: an embellished 3-d self-portrait of Katherine, a side shot of the exterior of her lavender colored home, a close up of one of the two magical gates her husband built with a glass inset, an interior view of the attic space she and her husband blew out to make to cubbie holes to serve as additional bedrooms for their family of six, a sculpted metal sheep her husband created that sits on top of her roof in the backyard, a life size plastic figure sitting in her garage studio space made out of clear packing tape, a group shot of her families hands molded in plaster them embellished with each persons favorite things and a close up of one of her sons hands, one of many handmade quilts she made that are displayed throughout the house, and lastly some recent silver/copper/hand fused jewelry pieces that came out of her kiln from a class she taught last week.

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  1. What fun! The pics are terrific.
    I just adore those gates!!! Wow. Beautiful work.