Thursday, March 12, 2009

Frontal View - Student Art

Love showing these off every year because they always turn out so well. This year I had the second year drawing students coat the entire paper with charcoal first and then erase their drawings in. Then at the end they re-draw with charcoal pencil to bring in greater detail. These pieces are stunning in person and are currently on display in the front office of our school. The second post was done 4 years ago by Rebecca Chung when she was a junior in my Intermediate 2- D class. Hers was done in graphite and was her original design where the others were done by looking at a black and white resource. From top to bottom, left to right are: seniors Mindy Cho, Michelle Bui, Tiffany Powell, Amand Garcia, Caroline Ma, 8th grader Jeremiah Kim, and 2007 Alum Rebecca Chung

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