Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bogey Agrums - A Work in Progress

Meet our new boy, Bogey. He's a stray that my husband picked up at the golf course. Lucky us! He's a mix of a lot of really naughty puppies, and he's chewing us out of house and home. We even had a dog whisperer come in to try to train him, but the situation looks pretty hopeless. The trainer used the word "Bah" a lot to try to convice Bogey to behave. Doesn't work so well when we use it. Here he is in his new winter parka snuggled up for a evening with his new family. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to scooch him over cuz he's in my spot on the couch. Bah Bogey, bad dog! He never learns.


  1. Oh! He's just precious! He reminds me of Mocha our brown cat:
    Causing trouble 24/7 (for ten years) and so cute we can't get mad, I wish you many years of happiness.


  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA this made me laugh. Cute dog. hahah BAH!