Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coil pots - Student Art

Students in my Beginning Ceramics class have just finished their coil pot assignment. I thought it might be fun to show their pieces in the greenware stage (formed but not fired) and then to show off their finished glazed pieces. The two finished ones on top belong to seniors Eaning Woo and Marina Woo. The greenware pieces belong to from top to bottom, right to left: senior Caroline Ma, senior Karleigh Mercado, junior Celina Chen, junior Crystal Valino and senior Cynthia Tsai. The finished glazeware belongs to: Celina, Cynthia and Caroline. Stunning work ladies!


  1. Thanks for posting these! Just used the bottom one with oxide as an example for my hs students at ASIJ in Tokyo. I'll try to post a link to the results (last semester was kind of mediocre . . .) when they are done.

  2. Quite beautiful. Incredibly inspiring and exceptional dishes. Sam I make ceramics for several years and it's always nice to see things other artists. Regards, Gregory. Wonderful!