Monday, August 13, 2018


graphite on white paper, colored pencils

One of our favorite veteran teachers asked me today if I had noticed a lack of creativity 
in the kids coming up thru the ranks recently
because she has.
I told her no I hadn't, 
but what I have noticed is a lot more procrastination and lack of effort.
And I blame this on the Internet and gaming devices.
Our children are addicted,
and are admitting to me that they spend way too much time on them 
instead of limiting themselves so they can get their schoolwork done.
I believe that this is a huge problem worldwide.
But as you will see here,
there is no lack of creativity in these young ones.

We started with the most talented young 7th grader in the class,
Akarsh Suresh.
What you are seeing above is raw talent.
I hope so much he will come back to me this year so I can help him refine his technical skills.

Next we have Koa De Leon,
one of my favs of all the 120 7th graders I worked with last year.
The reason was because of her maturity and wisdom.
She was like an old soul,
very wise, attentive and intuitive.
Everytime I looked her way in her class of 31 kids,
she was the one who was the "most with me" as I spoke.
And man oh man,
did I love that!
She also has a very creative side for illustration.
Like we saw in the last post on this group,
her work could be used for a children's book. 

This next one took my breath away.
Such a powerful piece because of the dynamic movement of the sphere
and the use of color.
And what a wonderful border Hanna Estrada!
These last 3 pieces I'm totally guessing who created them
 because I can't find any paperwork on them.
So these are my best guesses.
Young ones,
send me a comment or e-mail and let me know if I'm wrong so I can make corrections.

I want to say that this one belongs to Matthew Bautista.
Love the diagonal that he used for horizon and placement of sphere.
And of course the colored pencil really helps this piece to pop!

I'm pretty sure this one belongs to Kayla Vicencio.
I love the beautifully done Zentangle border she put around her sphere.


  1. Deb - I've been watching the sphere projects for several years now and this batch seems exceptional to me.

    The sphere on the left of Arkeshe's piece is so finely wrought and the hand so evocative ...

    Zoe's sphere seems to sit on top of her background, so realistic it could be a photo of an actual ball sitting on a picture

    The street scene with its strong blacks and brightly lit windows fading to grays and whites as the eye moves away, is well-imagined

    The orbed scepter is an fascinating combination of dimensions, with some tricky shadow work well done

    And the carefully worked Zentangle framing and one of the finest spheres I can recall left me hoping to see more from all of these students in their future artistic pursuits.

    Now I get it ... how could one walk away knowing how much more magic there is to come?

    1. Exactly Liz, how can I leave this?? So much magic here at this wonderful place.