Monday, August 6, 2018


Every year as I'm teaching my Intermediate 3-D students to knit,
I get to build a piece/scarf of my own as I demonstrate.
The entire time I was cropping these and color correcting them I kept thinking 
this doesn't look like senior Rachel Kannampuzha's piece,
her colors were so much softer.
And after looking thru many picture folders I've finally realized it's not her's,
it's mine.
I've made so many of these over the years I didn't even recognize this one.
So Rachel,
no worries,
I will find yours eventually.
And that's right,
now that I'm thinking about it,
you made a pillow top,
not a scarf.
Boy am I losing it!
Time to retire Debra Ann.
What's even worse,
I don't even remember what I did with this scarf.
Did I sell it?
Did I give it away?
I'm hoping one of my 3-D students from last year can help me figure it out.
It just sucks getting old  :(
These are hand dyed wool yarns that were my demos from years past,
plus a couple I made this past year for Rachel.
And you are seeing a bunch of different patterns I taught her after she learned to knit.
I believe there were 8 or 9 in all.
She was taught to sew them together into a pillow top or scarf.
Then she learned to crochet a simple edging around the whole thing to tie it together visually.
Hopefully we will see yours soon Rachel!


  1. Must admit, I'd be a bit fussed if I couldn't track down a lovely like this ...

    1. I have absolutely no clue what I did with it. I'm guessing I gifted it to one of my students perhaps.