Wednesday, August 10, 2016


waterbased pastels on black construction paper

I was so pleased with the creativity in these sweet prelims.
Some of these kids got to play with oil pastels in my 7th grade Art Wheel a couple of years ago, 
but not with the chalky water based ones.
They are super dusty and have a tendency to mess with the kids allergies.
But even so, 
they really enjoy working with them.

We are starting with junior Ayesha Durrani,
who I actually ran into today at Whitney.
It was my first day back,
to break the ice, 
and she was there volunteering to show new students around the school.
She really did a wonderful job with the pastels.

In this next one by junior Eileen Lee,
she shows us a very different style with the chalks.
There are several ways to apply them,
and I make the kids try them all to see which one they like the most.
Many of the young ones actually use several of the styles in the same piece like Eileen did.

We all loved senior Emily Allan's composition
 and how she filled the paper with this very expressive design. 

Then sophomore Matthew Robb brilliantly uses this monochromatic color scheme
which brings us such a peaceful feeling as we view it.
Just lovely Matt!

Junior Mikaela Guerrero cleverly uses a complimentary color scheme
 to give her design great impact upon viewing it.

And how fun is this one by senior Nandan Vinjamury?
He thought to bring in texture & text which the eye really likes.

And check out this gorgeousness by junior Eunice Shim.
I felt this was one of her strongest pieces all year.
Her use of color, texture and movement was masterful!
Go Eunice!!!

We end with junior Vicky Hur.
This very pretty piece was another class favorite.
We were so impressed with how she was able to incorporate all the colors of the rainbow 
within this very delicate work.


  1. Eunice Shim's attention to detail borders on the surreal. What a great piece!