Saturday, August 20, 2016


Risha with good friend Divya

I had the honor and pleasure of attending Risha's Arangetram this evening
with four of my favorite peeps,
Dipa Gandhi, Joodhi Sood,  Karisma and Avanthi Dev.

Risha was stunningly beautiful as she danced her heart out
 on the stage of the Redondo Beach Performing Arts center for over a crowd of 200 people,
many of them her dear friends and fellow Cross Country runners from Whitney.
The dedication, 
passion and exquisite grace that she showed us thru her dance was truly remarkable,
and something she has been involved in since the age of 6.
Years of strict disciple seemed effortless as she performed her 3 hour solo.
It was breathtaking to watch,
and we couldn't take our eyes off of you Risha.
I'm so very, very proud of you!!

Karisma, myself & Avanthi


  1. This is new to me and, as a one-time ballet mom, it's hard to comprehend. A three hour solo is a marathon performance ... it must have been amazing to watch!

    1. It was remarkable, the physical and mental shape these girls need to be in to pull off this performance is nothing short of incredible. Words cannot describe the beauty mixed with endurance. Loved every second. With live musicians by the way who are in their own right true artists.