Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Topanga Canyon,
Charles Manson's old stomping grounds,
was a day trip that my son & his girlfriend took me on when I did a sleepover 
at their new home in Canoga Park this summer.
I had heard there were a few cool stores and cafes we could stop and snoop around in.
The kids live right off Topanga Canyon Blvd. 
so we just shot straight south under the Ventura Fwy.,
past Mulholland Drive following Topanga up and over the curving terrain
until we came upon this little community that was nestled in the hills.
It actually felt a little spooky as we drove in,
not a tourist friendly place at at.
Very desolate,
homes a bit shaky looking,
spread really far apart.
But we found a safe place to park and braved it  LOL
There were a couple of interesting stores to visit,
The one above,
 I think it was called Hidden Treasures,
 was my favorite.
And old home turned into the biggest collection of quality vintage clothes, 
shoes, furnishings and textiles from the 60's, 70's and 80's.
It was crazy and took me back in time.
When we were in the 70's section my son asked me if that was what my closet looked like
when I was a teenager/hippie.
I bet a lot of the Hollywood movie designers go there for inspiration.
A fun collection of stores was located across the street in the only inviting setting we found.

The most contemporary building there was the city library 
which was home to this impressive mosaic sculpture.

Zach's girlfriend Nicole,
had a star sighting of the actor that stars in the Netflix series
Jane the Virgin or something like that.
I've never seen it but she was ecstatic about seeing him in an outdoor cafe eating lunch.
She was even able to snap a pix of him before he left the restaurant
from a sneaky location across the street.
We didn't want to bug him.

Leaving Topanga we continued heading south until we hit the coastline at Malibu.
Tons of traffic on PCH,
lots of flashy cars and beautiful plastic women too.
We got quite an eyeful.
All in all,
a super fun day with the kids.
Thanks Zach and Nicole,
it was a blast from the past!

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  1. I'd go for the vintage store alone ... and the place names are memorable in and of themselves