Thursday, August 18, 2016


acrylic paint on canvas

This year the kids were able to deviate off the traditional list of famous Abstract Artists, 
and look to the internet and chose anyone they wanted to try and mimic their style,
using themselves as subject matter.

Senior Jonathan Hsu picked the famous american J.C. Leyendecker,
poster, book and advertising illustrator.
J.C.'s work actually inspired the infamous Norman Rockwell.

This work that Jonathan painted of himself was by far one of my favorite pieces 
that was created this year.
I was fascinated watching him bring himself to life.
Each day as he worked,
 I felt like the piece looked just right, 
but then he would repaint over parts of it,
and it just kept evolving into the splendid work that it is now.
Did I mention that I adored the colors he was inspired to work with,
the ones Leyendecker used.
You are so very talented Jonathan!

 And senior Elias Rodriguez chose Spanish artist Miguel Laino 
who has been living in London since 2001.
Laino interprets images from online and print media.
He also incorporates collage images from different time periods and genres 
to bring the past and present together.
In many of Laino's portraits he completely paints over the facial features,
a trademark of his.
After seeing several of Laino's works,
 I really felt that Elias nailed his style
with large slashing brushstrokes against the stark backdrop. 

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  1. To study someone else's work, absorb its essence, and then make of it something uniquely one's own (and how could a self-portrait be anything but that?) ... this is creativity of the highest order