Sunday, August 14, 2016


Downtown Anaheim is changing drastically,
for the better.
Cool new apartments are rising up with boutique restaurants and shops below them.
What I like about it is how diverse the neighborhood is,
and all the young up and comers it's attracting.
One of my favorite spots is this public sculpture below.
I've always been practical to house shapes in my own artwork...
and also to kinetic mobile sculptures.
This has it all.
How I discovered the area was thru my daughter 
who took me here to get my first Poki Bowl
at a place called Pokinometry.
It's located on the corner of Harbor Blvd. & Center St. Promenade.
This is also the same place where the Anaheim Ducks practice for their games,
so sometimes you get a peek at the Hockey stars.
The street also features Trapeze lessons,
crazy right?
And an upscale Goodwill called Rare.
So go get a Poki Bowl and check it out!

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