Monday, August 8, 2016


and the living is easy.
Not so much,
ha ha
Up and down to the cabin at least twice a week this summer 
to keep all the plants alive.
We've had many humid days up there in the mid nineties,
an unusually warm summer according to the locals.
This summer it's been warmer up there then down here,
when usually it's about 15 degrees cooler up on the mountain.

And the gophers are really bad this summer as well,
destroying everyone's yards.
The racoons have dug up several of my lily bulbs,
but for some lucky reason left this one alone above.

A big fire got started at the end of our canyon road yesterday
by some guys riding their ATV's in the dry brush..
Luckily ,
the wind blew it away from us but I heard it's still not contained,
and racing towards our neighbors in Hesperia.
I pray that the firefighters will be able to stop it.
So many airplanes and helicopters flying over our cabin on their way to drop chemicals and water.
Really frightening. 

My neighbor just texted me
 and said he got sprayed by a skunk tonite and his dog won't go near him.
He used everything in his panty that had any kind of tomato in it 
tomato soup, paste, sauce and Prego 
to bathe in.
Man oh man,
 it's got to stink inside his house.

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