Tuesday, August 2, 2016


graphite on paper

I'm really excited to share the progress that my students made this year 
in their first drawing class with me.
What was really remarkable was how many of them came in with at least junior high drawing skills.
That's pretty unusual.  
The usual range is between 2nd/3rd grade thru high school level.

If you are new to the blog,
I teach the exercises from the 1st half of Dr. Betty Edwards book 
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain in this first year class.
The kids do a pre instruction drawing before we get started with the exercises.
I partner them up with a person I feel they would work well with,
and they draw that person in profile.
I keep those before drawings 
and the kids don't see them again until they are hung with the after instruction drawings 
for Open House.
So It's always a wonderful surprise to see the progress they've made.
Let's see how they did!

We start with junior Mikaela Guerrero who came in with pretty decent sketching skills.
 Her model was senior Nandan Vinjamury.
In about a 2 1/2 month period her drawing skills have grown to record all the realism she sees.
Bravo Micky!!

Because we had an odd number of students, 
sophomore Clarissa Kim didn't have a partner,
so one of our counselors,
Yen Tseng,
 came to her rescue.
One of the similarities that you will see in most of the Befores is the small scale that the kids use.
But in their afters they are using the paper with confidence and design in mind.
You've made a huge jump in progress Clarissa.
Fantastic job!
And thank you Yen for putting up with my constant calls to the office 
reminding you to get to class.
hee hee

Here we have junior Malaya Sithichai drawing senior Thomas Kang.
What a lovely after drawing Malaya, 
and I'm so looking forward to working with you again next year!

And check out this last one by junior Eileen Lee.
She came in with the strongest drawing skills,
 her partner senior Andrew Jun,
though a little sketchy & a bit messy.
But look at her style now,
so much more sensitive and fluid.
A delight for the eye,
and a remarkable new style for her as well.
Really looking forward to working with all my sophomores and juniors next year
 in the 2nd year class,
where we will tackle the second half of Dr. Edward's book,
along with a lot of other great projects.


  1. Hello, Mrs. Sposa! This is Eunice! I hope you are having a great summer! HAHA. I just wanted to tell you that I'm not the one who drew Thomas. HAHA.I'm not sure who did, but yeah..hehe

  2. Deb, these are always my favorite projects from your class -- to see the development of the student's skill and perception from day one to the end of the class. It is truly amazing to see the transformation from flat drawings to drawings that show so much dimension and depth.

  3. What really strikes me this time around is the hair ... wonderfully rendered in all four of the post-instruction pieces

    (and yes ... I need to make time for the Edwards materials that are gathering dust in my room!!)