Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jen Mullen

Blog friend & mixed media Artist Jen Mullen
 has recently been experimenting with painting and quilting on tea bags.
I liked what she was doing so much that I asked if I could buy one to share with my students.
She wouldn't let me pay for it so I sent her a trade,
a vintage appliqued tea towel.
Her gift to me arrived in the most exciting envelop.
It looks as if she had hand marbleized it,
then sewn up the sides.

Here is the lovely quilted tea bag,
and when I laid it on top of the envelop I felt they belonged together.

But needed just a tiny bit of contrast, 
so I found a dark gray paper and mounted it in between the two for framing.
I'm trying to decide between the grey backdrop or the white one below.
Send me your thoughts.

All Art Students,
Brew up a cup of tea and afterwards let the tea bag dry out.
After it's dry carefully open it up and shake out the loose tea.
Borrow some watercolors from me and paint on a design.
When dry,
bring it in and I'll cut you a piece of batting so you can quilt in down.
Never sewn before?
Let's set up a lunch date and I'll show you how.
Turn in before Dec. 22nd for some first semester extra credit points.
The more you work on it the more points you will earn.
Anyone up for the challenge??


  1. Replies
    1. You had me laughing out loud. Of course you can participate. I'd be thrilled and honored if you participated and I'd love to show off your work! PLEASE!!!! :)

  2. Oh, look! I think I like the darker backdrop, Debra. :)