Thursday, February 18, 2016


recycled jewelry boxes, tissue scraps, text & modge podge

I'm noticing I'm really missing these 2nd quarter kids
 as I continue to break and reshape
my new batch of 3rd quarter newbies.
Yesterday I had to implement the old seating chart 
to separate groups of friends that don't work well next to each other. 
Afterwards they really seemed to settle down,
especially after I put on the right brain music.
I like the Native American artist Carlos Niki for his soothing flute and piano sounds.
So now I'm looking forward to working with the new kids on the block.

But enough.
 let's get to these boxes.
The kiddos really enjoy the art of collage,
and I enjoy recycling materials from other projects,
so this is a perfect fit for both.
You are also seeing a few peeks inside their boxes to the wire pendants they created,
along with the stamped tissue pattern papers they made.

First off we have the lovely stylings of Clara Kim.
Note her clever wire pendant.
A pretty rock inside a bottle cap.
Clara spent extra time doing both the inside and outside of her box
and picked up some extra credit.

Let's see what Stella Hong did.
Besides bringing in the required text,
I also like how Stella thought to collage down pictures as well.
She has also turned this delicate shell into her pretty pendant.

Everyone loved Parth Patels' stamped tissue pattern. 
I taught the kids 7 different patterns,
and they were allowed to combine them if they wanted to.
 Parth is alternating both stamps and colors in a regular repeat pattern
for a striking design..

Yesenia Navarro combined natural and man-made elements
into an interesting pendant design.

And I really enjoyed Aishwariya Idhayakannan's use of color in her collage.
The kids were responsible for choosing to work in one color scheme only.
Aishwariya picking the cool colors and pulled it off beautifully.

We end with Emmanuel Alvarez.
He chose a complimentary scheme that I felt flowed well 
between his box and the stamped paper.

Great job young ones!!

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  1. I always enjoy seeing this project ... the combination of collage, tissue stamping and wire wrapping is just plain fun. Clara's Future box was a particular favorite this time around. The elements relate so well in form, scale and color, plus the use of a bottle cap as a jewelry finding is inspired.