Thursday, February 25, 2016


plaster, milk cartoons, carving tools, wood scraps, dowels, paint & wood burning tools

This have been a long time in the making.
My 2nd year crafts kids began carving them in first quarter,
then let them dry out so they could be sanded and mounted.
The results were worth the wait.
Below is a group shot of all but senior Hazel Cruz's.
(hers came in late because she was absent and missed this photo op)

But let's first take a look at the kids getting started,
and the messes they made  :)
Above they are mixing their plaster. 
Some have chosen to pour in acrylic paint to marble into the liquid before it sets up.

These are all my cuties in the class.
In the first shot way above we have senior Will Kim center,
senior Antoniette Jabat left, 
and junior Shreya Sheth right. 

Sitting around the tables are happy campers from left front to right front,
 senior Kristine Luong,
 junior Jacqueline Yu ,
senior Liana Chie,
 and senior Amber Wu.

And I couldn't resist taking this photo of Hazel & Antoniette.

These are the individual works.
We start with Hazel's.
So many things to love about Hazel's piece.
First of all her figure form.
Crisp, clean, angular & interesting.
And then her mount.
More angles to compliment form,
lots of interesting woodburned marks, 
the height and importance of the triple stacked mount,
 & the carefully place glass shards.
And then if you look closely below,
you will see she dusted chalk over top the wood for a look of snowfall.
Masterful Hazel. 

Will Kim is the artist on this next fun piece.
I love how he mounted it,
so very creative with the bamboo sticks and grasses.
I also like how he thought to suspend the figure with two poles instead of one.

This next one is the work of Amber Wu.
Very formally balanced and lovely.

Shreya Sheth enjoys pushing the envelop.
She did that herre in several ways.
Two abstract figures instead of one.
Using glass instead of poles to suspend them with.
And giving us a dramatic painted effect on her wood.
Brilliant piece Shreya.

And then there is the work of Liana Chie.
She will spend hours and hours on a piece getting it just right.
Notice how she has even decorated the cool off centered pole?
And the sensitive colors she has used along with the lovely pearls, 
shells and glass shards.
Very pretty Liana!

I wish I had a different angled photo of this next one by Kristine Luong.
And then a close up of her mount.
She stained the wood so beautifully
 and then she has taken real rose petals and glued them down.
Really sensory and appealing.

What a voluptuous figure Jacqueline Yu has sculpted.
And then she has accented the form and mount with glitter to tie them together.
Beautifully done.

And Antoniette has floated her form on a billowy cloud of fluff.
just like Antoniette  :)

It was wonderful sharing these,
I hope you enjoyed seeing what they'e been working on.

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  1. I tried some wood carving a few years ago, so I very much appreciate how challenging it is to pull out a figure in three dimensions. That's what makes Shreya's two figures all the more remarkable ... that she was able to mount them on glass highlights how perfectly balanced they are. Wonderful presentation!