Friday, February 5, 2016


graphite & colored pencils

Will you just look at this talent???
Only their second assignment and they are super stars already!
Their assignment?
To draw a graphite sphere with at least 5 values that transition seamlessly.
And an added extra,
to construct a border around the piece so it doesn't float,
to anchor it.

Let's start with Monica Lee.
It's apparent that Monica is one of the best drawing/designing students in the class.
This piece is highly sophisticated for one so young.
Makes me wonder if she has had outside art lessons?
I forgot to ask her. 
But it's obvious that she has been drawing all her young life.
I really like how she thought to add the light bulbs to balance her composition.

And then check out this super fun piece by Salvador Ortiz.
Love all the smaller balls he brought in,
and the stars he added to them.
It adds a playful element that is very pleasing.

And not to be outdone is Ana Son.
First of all, 
brilliant of her to use a Complimentary color scheme of blue and orange
 even before I taught them about color schemes. 
Her border is very well thought out and executed,
and her sphere has a great range of value.

And check out this pretty piece by Stella Hong.
Where do they think of these great ideas?
Her border is highly original,
and I love how she took the time to bring in color.
Was color required?
only if they wanted to put it in for extra credit.

And here is Aaron Amaya again.,
Standing Out  :)
We saw his value scale,
and his natural talent just keeps taking him onward.
 notice the light and delicate touch Aaron displays with his media.
So lovely and sensitive!

And lastly is Parth Patel.
Parth confided in me that he was anxious about being in art,
as are most of my students.
All thru elementary he felt he wasn't any good at it.
(I also back in the day thought the same thing about myself
 until I had a fabulous junior high  instructor who showed me differently  :)
As a new arrival,
 I reassured him he'd end up enjoying it and that he'd be just fine.
And looky, 
looky Parth,
you made the cut onto the blog
 where your work is being viewed around the whirled for hundreds to see and enjoy.
So happy for you.
Just shows you never know until you try.  :)

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  1. The spheres are all commendable ... it's clear why they have been featured here (way to go Parth!)

    But it must also be said that Monica's roses are exceptional ... it will be fun to see what else comes out of this class!