Monday, February 15, 2016


wood scraps, saws, drills, jigsaw, sand paper, paper collage, 
wood burning tool, dremel set, staining w/ acrylics & watercolor

Drilling and sawing for the very first time is really scary.
But after several safety demos.,
 the kids took a deep breathe and went for it under my watchful eye.
Each one of them had to take a turn showing me that they could successfully use all the power tools before they could even begin working on their preliminary pieces.
It took two full class periods to accommodate all of them.

Here we see 8th grader Malia Pulido trimming down her wood piece.
And below her finished prelim.
The kids had quite a few hoops to jump thru on these little practice pieces.
Drilling a hole to fit their dowel  
sanding it all, 
wood burning designs,
staining the wood with both watercolor and acrylic to see which paint they liked best,
paper collaging,
and then a little bit of re-staining over the paper to see how that would affect the look.
Malia made one of the class favorites.
We were all so impressed with the amount of time and effort she put into wood burning 
all the cool designs below.
And then her paper collaging was lovely a well.
And all with such precise craftsmanship.
She is such a super star!

Now here is junior Cheryl-Mae Mallabo using our Dremel tool to drill with,
and below her finished piece.
She had the other class favorite.
These kids are incredible,
the amount of attention they give to just practicing.

Senior Hapshiba Kwon thought to paper collage dimensionally with those sweet butterflies,
and senior Elias Rodriquez uses his incredible zentangling skills with the wood burning tool,
 and then senior Eileen Wang is also creating amazing design with the wood burning tool
along with her sensitive use of paint staining.

And lastly,
our dear Mrs. Parks,
happily making a pencil/paper clip holder for her teacher desk.
Pretty darn clever Deliana!!!
We love you

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  1. Practice practice practice! You'll never regret the ability to use tools to fashion wood into useful (nay, artful!) forms.