Friday, February 19, 2016


Every morning on my way back from picking up my mail in the office,
I stop at Josh's Succulent garden that is adjacent to my classroom.
I love to note the minuscule changes from day to day,
and to also uncover things I might have missed.
Like how lovely the center of this succulent has become in the last couple of days.
I'm really enjoying how many petals it's produced and how they are fanning out.

Or this little one that is just beginning to bloom for the first time since being planted.

And the delight I experienced the other day
 when I was cleaning out the trash that blows in from the kids snack and lunch food.
(yes we have trash cans,
but no,
the kids don't always use them:(
I found this baby star succulent that I had completely forgotten about
buried alive amongst trash, 
 and human hair.
long pieces of hair wrapped round and round it.
It's pretty amazing how much hair I clean out of the garden that blows in off our students heads.
Kind of gross actually.
But at the same time it was like discovering a buried treasure  :)

But back to the beauty of it all  :)
The color in this plant is remarkable.
Such a gradual transition.
Only in nature! 

And sadly we loose a few plants.
This unusual and sweet little guy that I planted above was so healthy a year ago.
But then weather happens,
or too much watering takes place...
until we end up with just a shell of the original plant below.
I still have high hopes that it will come back.

And then there are the couple of students who want to have a bit of fun 
and throw their food into the garden.
I'm hoping that this summer we will have a couple of cherry tomato plants
so I just left them rotting.
Life and death in this small space.


  1. Succulents are such hardy souls, but water is their kryptonite

  2. i love this post...the kind way you tell of the less than subtle kids
    the human hair wound round
    and that little "stone plant", it's what i always called them,
    i've never seen one BLOOM before
    Blessings on this garden

    1. Hellooooo Grace!! So good to hear from you. I love those little stone plants too. I'll have to keep my eye out for another. The daffodils are up as are the freesias, just waiting for them to open up. We just had a good soaker rain, so it shouldn't be too much longer. :)

  3. I love that you take time to tend the garden. And I agree- trash and hair, yuck!