Wednesday, February 10, 2016


acrylic paint & paper collage

This piece is senior Elias Rodriquez's largest work to date.
It measures 24" by 36".
He wasn't required to work this large but he wanted to challenge and push himself
(I love that :)

The assignment was to use text as 60% of their subject matter.
In the past the kids have lettered out words and painted them in,
but Elias being Elias,
 wanted to change it up and do it differently.
He asked if the words could come from newspapers that he could collage down first,
then lightly paint over.
I really liked the idea so he tried it out.
The rest of the subject matter was up to the kids,
so he gives us this very thought provoking figure partially hiding behind a mask.

Bravo Elias for always pushing yourself farther!

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  1. Sorry I've been away, so this comment is belated.

    I wish I could read the words on the collaged newspapers, as I sense there may be messages to be gleaned. But "timeless" is visible, along with the layers of the haunting being Elias has created. This is sophisticated work, the more so considering the scale of the piece. Kudos!!