Tuesday, February 2, 2016


graphite & colored pencil

As the 2nd Quarter 7th grade group leaves,
I'm finally getting to post their work.
There is always so much talent to be found with these crazy sweet little ones.
These were the best of this first assignment with me.
I hope you all enjoy getting to know this new group.

Let's start with Aaron Amaya.
You saw him in yesterdays farewell post.
The handsome boy with the long ponytail (he's growing his hair out to donate).
Aaron came to me with a gift.
The gift of drawing from his head,
something I cannot teach.
It's very rare to have a student who can do this.
I asked him if he's ever taken any art classes?
You mean it just flows out of you?
Yeah, I guess so.
Super clever composition,
inside a diner and the table as his value scale.
He was also very comfortable bringing in the optional extra credit colored pencil.
Something that I hadn't shown the kids how to use yet.
And notice his knowledge of 1 Pt. Perspective?

This next very lovely work is the creation of Clara Kim.
Man, oh man,
talk about sophisticated work for a 7th grader.
I was super impressed with Clara as well.
Notice her subtle use of the analogous colors blue/purple
coming together to darken and shade her water under the bridge?
It's cast shadow.
And her craftsmanship is remarkable as well.
Fantastic piece Clara!

This very quiet work belongs to Victorio Decordova,
which is surprising since Victorio is quite the chatter box.  hee hee
It amazes me what comes from these kids
 when you get them into right brain and non verbal for at least 20 minutes at a time.
Beautifully crafted,
and I especially like how the palm tree is only partially colored in.
And the kids were only required to give me 5 values of grey,
but notice Victorio did 8!!

And oh my,
who do we have here with this very dynamic piece?
It's Monica Lee.
Bravo young woman!
Great job filling the paper,
balancing the pier with the tree,
the reflection of the sun on the water
 as well as the numerous values you put in.

I look forward to showing off more of their work this quarter.

And WELCOME ABOARD new 3rd Quarter 7th graders.
I look forward to getting to know you all.

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  1. Hmmm ... I thought I commented, but perhaps I just thought of commenting?

    In any case, I came away from these with a sense of place ... and how that draws one in.