Monday, February 1, 2016


It went by way too fast,
in fact,
 the year seems to be flying by.
My current 7th graders are leaving my nest,
flying off to try Drama for 8 weeks with Ms. Improta,
a fabulous teacher.
They will love her.

But I'm so sad to see them go.  
This group had personality plus with a whole lot of sweetness mixed in
as you can see in many of these snapshots.
Plus I've got them well trained 
and now I've got to do it all over again with a new crop of newbies.
Need some combat pay here School Board members  LOL

The Shibori Unit was a big hit with the kids.
You see them at the Indigo bucket trying patiently to wait their turns.
I want to especially thank Aaron Amaya,
aka Patrick,
for being such a great sport with his nick name (above far right).

They also loved working in Watercolor, 
especially young Rodrigo Mercol with the ginormous smile on his face.
They are all such cuties.

And another thanks to Maya Alvarez-Harmon (top front left) for dragging her parents
to the gallery up in Running Springs  (in the mts.) were I sell some of my art works.
And then giving her the cash to buy one of my pieces.
Wow, that  was really special!
There were 28 young, 
 adolescent bodies in this group,
where most of them are coming directly to me from P.E.
You can imagine  LOL

Here they are working on their Soap Scrubs.

One of my favorite pix I've taken all year is this one above.
Even though we had rubber gloves on when we did our Indigo dipping, 
it was still hard not to to get anything on us somewhere.

The diversity at our school is a beautiful thing,
as you can see in this photo.
And I'm right in there with them,
loving every second of the crazy ideas they come up with :)
This one was the BEST!

Gonna miss you all like crazy!!
You better not forget me or the art room.
I hope you'll be back for more art classes in your future.
Your three choices as 8th graders are Beginning 2-d or Beginning  3-D.
You can try for Ceramics I,
 but the older kids usually get 1st priority. 

And lastly,
a very special shout out to Lucyyyyyyy Acuna,
who impressed me in so many ways.
An outstanding student,
and a gifted performer,
you will go far.
I will be along for your journey. 

Love to all of you!!!!

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  1. Once again, the smiles say it all. I'll look forward to seeing some of them when they return to you in the future.