Monday, January 25, 2016


Come to visit their favorite art  teacher at lunchtime,
to show me their newest tricks.

7th graders Emmanuel & James Lara are frequent visitors during lunch.
They are so adorable,
and I love when they stop by.
They are best friends here at Whitney.
James was in the 1st Quarter Art Wheel and now Emmanuel is in the 2nd.
Whenever they drop in together I get the biggest smile on my face.
I hope I stay around long enough,
 before I decide to retire,
 to see them all grown up as seniors.
This is the newest game at Whitney,
it's all the rage.
Trying to get a ball onto the stick,
then flipping it off,
turning the stick to another side and trying to get the ball to sit in a tiny cup.
I see it as a stress reliever here at this most competitive of high schools.
Plus it's so nice seeing children be children 
instead of playing on their stupid phones all the time.

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  1. Play ... Jude tagged me as one who learns by playing and I couldn't have been prouder. It's an under-rated pastime with stiff competition from the glowing screen (and I count myself as a fomo addict). So good for them ... may they have great good fun!