Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Two weekends ago we had the biggest snow
 in our two years that we've owned our cabin.
We heard that it took people 5 1/2 hours to go 22 miles 
from the base of the mt. to the ski resorts above us at Big Bear.
We are at 5000 ft. in Crestline, 
Big Bear is at 7000 ft.
Our neighbor shoveled our driveway the night before we arrived,
but it was still touch and go getting in and out.
Especially for me.  
This was my second time ever to drive in the snow.
We bought a piece of s--- Jeep just for that,
a 1991 Wrangler with 4 wheel drive.
It serves our purpose,
and I can bang it up as much as I want  LOL
We had the neighbor across the street from us almost slide down our hill into my studio.
Luckily his friend was able to tow him out.
And this week we saw tracks where another car/truck slid partially down into our ravine
on the other side of the property,
 crushing Jim's french drain he just put in 
especially for the rainy season.
We've got a lot of cleanup to do when the snow melts.
And this weekend I saw tulips and daffodils 
peeking thru the icy ground.
It's going to be a banner year for bulbs!
They love the freeze.

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  1. Glad this isn't your primary home ... still, a lot to deal with (but well worth it from what I can see)