Tuesday, January 12, 2016


watercolors, felt tip markers, oil pastels, graphite, colored pencil & charcoal

These are always so much fun to share.
We start by splattering watercolor over student grade watercolor paper.
And then on the day of the final (2 hour block of time)
we go back into them and try to find imaginary animals and people/monsters/creatures.
The more the better.
I ask the young ones to bring in at least 2 other media besides watercolor 
that they've learned to work in in the past 8 weeks.
Most of them picked pen & ink,
but if you look closely you will also see some oil pastel and charcoal.
Occasionally they will also bring in some graphite or colored pencil.

Above you are seeing the entire class's work.
Now let's take a closer look.

One of my personal favorites was done by Maria Miranda.
I love the color scheme she has chosen to work in (secondary),
and I feel her faces are all so sweet and happy.

This next one by Bryant Huang was a class favorite.
Everyone enjoyed his bold color choices,
how he balanced his composition and the quirky animals he found.

I love this next one as well by Laura Gholmieh
I like her subdued color scheme
as well as all the Zentangling she brought to the piece.
Shows a lot of effort, focus and patience during that 2 hr. block of time
(a difficult feat for our 7th graders  :)

And check out this adorable one by James Lara. 
 Love the peach colors that are not quite orange,
as well as the splatter.
He's also bringing in terrific craftsmanship with the pen and ink,
and his little figures are charming.

And I think Kenneth Nguyen came up with the most unique creation.
I really like that he brought in so much text.
It almost reads like a map.

Great job young ones!!!


  1. Kenneth has dreamed up an idyllic place ... mostly happy campers with a reminder to please not fight for the grumps. Would that 'twere a map of the world.

    As for the multiple faces in all these final pieces, I was watching Antiques Roadshow last night and they showed a ceramic jug that also had multiple faces. Deemed to be rare and highly desirable folk art, it was estimated to be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars.

  2. These are so cool! It's great how different they are from each other- imaginations on paper. And I am so very impressed with your organizational skills in the last post. I've always been hopeless at preparing in advance & you are able to do a whole week ahead, amazing.