Thursday, January 21, 2016


In my case,
I've become my dear mother,
Rose Patricia,

My mother loved PINK when I was growing up in the 1960's and 70's.
She even went so far as to dye our poodle,
PINK for Easter.

It made me hate PINK.
Even our flocked white Xmas tree had all PINK ornaments that she made me put on it,
year after year.

She didn't care.
Patti said to me
"Debra Ann,
when you grow up,
 you can put on whatever color ornaments you want on your tree.
But this is my tree,
and I love PINK"
How could I argue with that?
I didn't dare  
hee hee

So being the passive aggressive,
 sneaky brat that I was,
I got back at her by pouring my orange juice that she made me drink every morning,
that I also hated,
behind our couch onto her beautiful olive green shag carpet
when she wasn't looking,
of course.
The shag carpet that she made me rack every week  :(

Well guess what?
I've come to realize this past month
that I love PINK.
And this is the first time I'm saying it out loud.
And I don't know why.
I guess Patti planted a seed,
and it grew and finally bloomed.

So let's see to the extent that I love PINK.
This is the tiniest bathroom,
our only bathroom,
in our 500 square foot cabin.
And how am I decorating it?
that's for sure.
But in PINK,
all thrifted from antique &  junk stores up on the mountain.
I'm also discovering that I love vintage finds,
the things I grew up with that my mother placed around our home.
Shocking I tell you!!!
Mixed in with these vintage finds are pieces of student artwork that I've collected over the years.
a piece by Alumni Nikki Shah,
her Felt Preliminary piece from Beginning 3-DA Art.
Two pix up,
a little wire/paper ornament by Alumni Laarnie Barcelon.
I honestly don't know what's come over me.
And what's really crazy is 
I didn't realize I was collecting so many PINK things
 until just recently as I put up these Xmas ornaments.
I was standing in the bathroom over the Holiday break,
admiring all the artful goodness around me,
when the PINK light went on.
Even crazier,
 in the 1980' & 90's Patti switched to LAVENDER.
Even more gross,
Note the pale purple touches thruout this post.
Lavender is sneaking in as well.
Double YUCK!!!
I just can't believe this is happening to me.

And not until this cabin would I have even thought to put embroidered samplers in my home,
but looky,
I'm attracted to and hooked on them.
But I have to say,
it has a strange comforting effect being surrounded by it all.
I'm finding I love living with pieces that others have made,
loved before me,
and that remind me of my mother..
I enjoy giving these pieces a new home.

If you are wondering if I ever got caught over the orange juice?
On the day Patti changed out our shag carpet for a lower shag look,
and the men where moving the couch over,
I heard her yelling thru the house,
"Debra Ann,
get in here right now"
Oops  :)
I know you are laughing your ass off right now Mom.
I miss you so much.


  1. Oh my ... did the orange juice have a ton of pulp in it? The stuff my mom gave me did and I remember gagging it down. Wish I had been as inventive as you. Great story!!!

    And yes, we do become our mothers ... many times I heard myself say "Because I said so" to my kids and shook my head at the irony of it.

    1. Oh my gosh, yes Liz, it had so much pulp in it!! Gagged with every swallow. LOL