Saturday, January 23, 2016


clay, sawdust firing, metallic rubbing compounds, wood & paint

I so enjoy sharing these every year.
The kids work so hard on them,
and besides working in clay they acquire wood working skills as well.
Let's see who made what. 

This first one is the creation of senior Klyne Madayag.
This assignment began as a Pinch Pot review 1st Quarter,
 and ended with the kids mounting them for their Final.
Pretty amazing,
I love so many things about this piece.
That Klyne thought ahead to add holes so she could string beads at a later date,
the visual flow between mount and sculpture,
and the limited color palette.

This next one was made by senior Sitara Puliyanda.
 great visual flow between sculpture and base thru color choices.
And I really like the smooth quality she was able to achieve with the gold metallic.

Senior Sandhya Raghvan is the artist of this next piece.
Love the colors she was able to get with the metallic rubbing compounds.
And how fun are all those dots on her base.
What patience!

Speaking of fun,
look at this tricky base made by senior Efrain Quintero.
Gonna try to get a side view for you,
even trickier from that side.

And senior Celeste Zambrano really jazzed hers up thru her mount. 

And we end with senior Eryn Burnett's sweet moonflower.
Looks like someone plucked one of it's petals.
Ahhhh :(
She has also created a lovely mount.

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  1. Love the juxtaposition of the Ceramics I and Ceramics II pinch pot posts. Celestial orbs are an ongoing fascination of mine, so I drank in the skyscape this morning: a full moon hanging over my house at the end of a string of planets. These pieces give me the same feeling of wonder.

    Creating bases and hanging the moons (sorry, couldn't resist) show your students' exceptional ability to envision. I especially liked the angularity of Klyne's base contrasted with the spherical forms above it. And I can't wait to see the side view of Efrain's base beneath the bemused moon, which looks for all the world like it's wondering "How did I get here?".