Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I recently opened up some Eco-dyed pillowcases
for our bed up at the little cabin.
I tried purposely to make them match 
and I really like how they came out.
Rusts and corals,
so pretty together.

When I put everything back on the bed 
and stepped back a bit,
the light changed and I wasn't able to get a very good pix,
but at least it shows the way all the colors in the room come together with the pillowcases.
The hand sewn doll is by a gal from the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival
 that I picked up this summer 
(sorry name forgotten),
the pillow she sits on by Susan Johnson of Avalanche Looms,
and the little rug hooked tree pillow by Karen Kahle of Primitive Spirit.
The quilt and 2 other pillow cases are vintage with hand embroidery.
In fact,
all the furniture and accessories in the room are thrifted
 from the little mom and pop stores in Crestline.
I love supporting the local community.


  1. Things are ... well, just things. Until they are invested (which is to say, clothed) in story. Then, much like the velveteen rabbit, they become much more.

    1. You are a master wordsmith Liz, wish I had your gift! If so, this blog would be so much more. xoxoxo

    2. I blush, but thank you. The words come from the many, many authors I have read over the years. I am fortunate that the words stay in me until I see something beautiful, then they clamor to get out so they can be read again!