Thursday, May 7, 2015


clay, oxides  & glazes

It's been a while since I posted about my Ceramics II kids.  
They are alive and well,
mastering the art of the potter's wheel.

Senior Nicholas Tudor really struggled at first 
but reached his aa hh moment several weeks ago, 
and is now thoroughly enjoying throwing on the wheel.

Mastering the throwing process came a bit sooner for senior Sameera Ahmad.
We only have 5 electric wheels and one kick wheel.
Usually no one wants the kick but Sameera claimed it for her own.
She has the advantage of a nice large tray to set all her throwing equipment, 
a sturdy metal back splash to brace her arms on, 
and an adjustable seat.

Here are some of their finished pieces.
Above we have 3 pieces by senior Cindy Ryoo.
I've required my students for the first time this year 
to alter the surface of each of the pots they turn in for grading.
(they may do whatever they want with their extra credit works)

On this next one by Nick Tudor,
he has tried out ceramic pencil for surface design.
Ceramic pencils are oxides in pencil form.
The kids love drawing with them right onto the bisqueware 
and then putting Transparent glaze over top.
Nick also glazed the top and bottom edges with our Tan glaze for a bit of contrast.

And this little cutie is the work of senior Yasmeem Pardo.
Great flowy lip with multiple glazes doing cool things on the surface.

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  1. Ever since I tried throwing pots (on a kick wheel) I've had a true appreciation for how hard it can be ... only practice gets you anywhere and we only had one wheel for a class of ten students! So, lots of coil and slab construction for me!

    I especially like the ceramic pencil ... wish we had those back in the day.

    Kudos to all for some great results!