Wednesday, May 20, 2015



My dear friend and fellow Art Teacher over at Cerritos High School,
Ron Parks,
 organizes a district wide art show every year for us. 
He puts in many hours after school printing up labels,
delivering them to us at our various locations,
 and then the day before the show he sets up the tables and easels for us to use.
 He also covers the wall boards so that when we walk in with our pieces
 all we have to do is hang them for display.
Thank you Ron for shouldering this immense responsibility every year.

These are some of our areas of display.

I want to give a special thank you to my assistants,
alumni Alyssa Olea and Josh Berger,
for labeling, 
packing and delivering all our pieces over to the District Office.
Alyssa thought it was going to take two trips but she managed it in one with her monster SUV.

More thanks go to seniors Laarnie Barcelon and Reis Masaka.
They showed up after school to lend a helping hand and saved us a good two hours of display work.
I'm so very proud of my students and all the hard work they put in for me,
and it's such a pleasure to be able to show off their art  for the community to see and appreciate. 

I also want to feature some of the best pieces from Ron's students at Cerritos High 
that I felt really made the show special.
I want to apologize ahead of time 
 for not jotting your names down as I was photographing your work.
I will return to the show and do that this week and get your names up with your pieces.

I want to start with this work above Prayer Clasp by Minjung Soh.
Truly a masterpiece in acrylic.
Love your use of color and value.
And so very expressive.
It really touched me.
The skill level is extraordinary and I hope you will be continuing on in the arts.

Another piece that really captured my attention was this beautifully painted ballerina in acrylic,
Water & Ballet by Michelle Kim.
you can feel the dancer's movements. 
And I love how you cropped her and painted just the legs.
Powerful work!

I've always appreciated an artist who can fracture a subject.
It's very difficult to do and pull off.
And  Hilokilo, you have done it incredibly well.
I also like how you seamlessly moved your colors from the green family to the blush tones. 

But the piece that stopped me in my tracks was this watercolor.
What high school student in America watercolors like this???
It's the very talented Minjung Soh again in Morning Road.
I thought it was done by a pro who had been working in watercolor for years,
not weeks.
Let me know if it's for sale!!!

And another one.
What's going on Mr. Parks???
I'm completely flabbergasted at the level of watercolor that you are getting from these kids.
Based on just this one piece in his portfolio,
Hilokilo should be accepted into any art college of his choosing.

And what a sophisticated work this is!!
Great choice of subject,
Patrick Del Rosa!
Wonderful depth of perspective,
and even has a bit of the feel of an M.C Escher work.

And I want to end with this playful and fun watercolor.
I love your subject Jalyssa Groom in Kyoto at Night
and it's asymmetry,
your attention to detail,
and your color choices.
There was no way I could walk by this work without stopping to take a gander.

Ron Park,
whatever you are doing over there in your classroom,
it's working.
And I feel very fortunate that we can display our students works together for all to see and enjoy.


  1. I'm with you ... the ballet painting and the watercolors are astounding. But I also longed to see more of the textile art from your students and will have to travel back in the blog to learn more about them.

    Such incredible talent is in this world, it behooves us all to pay attention. Thank you for taking the time to make that possible.

  2. Psst! The orange watercolor perpective painting is done by me (Hilokilo), not Prithi Chauhan!