Monday, May 18, 2015


extra credit

Two posts ago I featured senior Laarnie Barcelon's participation in a 
Recycled Art to Wear Fashion Show.
These are her fabulous pictures from the show.
Description by Laarnie.

The outfit is made in two parts, the bodice top and the skirt bottom. 

The bodice is made out of saran wrap and masking tape. 
Afterwards, newspaper had been starched on,
and finished with a Mod Podged coating over top of the bodice.
 In the back (not pictured) are two strips of elastic that help keep it closed 
while giving it a bralette-like design. 

The skirt portion is made out of a textured packaging material for music stands 
that is as sturdy as cardboard,
 but is as thin as paper.
 Around the skirt are origami roses made out of old school handouts and tissue paper rosettes.
 To bring in some bits of color,
 old purple nail polish and gold acrylic paints where used around the skirt.
 The black front of the skirt is an old garbage bag 
that had been used to transport fabrics to and from school. 
They had been cut up and then I gathered them to have a ruffled look. 

 The cuffs that you see here are the cardboard coffee sleeves from Starbucks drinks
 that had been embellished with black plastic bows from a broken old toy.

Hanging from the bottom portion of the skirt are white stars made out of Styrofoam
 from an old take-out box. 
The stars's edges are painted with the same nail polish
 that had been used on the skirt to bring more of the purple throughout the design. 
The stars are attached to the skirt with an old rose wire
 that I reclaimed from my cheap .99 cent childhood jewelry. 

The bodice and skirt are held together using an industrial Velcro that connects at the waistline.
 I felt the dress looked a little bland with the bare waistline,
so I added a lace up belt.
 Extra accents to the design are the black petticoat, 
black felt hat, 
black heels,
 and a paper decoupaged suitcase.

Bravo Laarnie.
Well done!!!


  1. So many beautiful layers. What a great accomplishment.

  2. Look out Project Runway -- unconventional/recycle challenge

  3. I am in awe ... this is beyond wonderful