Wednesday, May 27, 2015


watercolor, pen & ink, charcoal & colored pencils on watercolor paper

Inspired by the work of Carla Sonheim
I've borrowed one of her many ideas for creating whimsical art with my students.
She calls these Blob Animals and they are so much fun to do.

Rachel Mae Tanala created this wonderful underwater scene.

Students mix their favorite colors then drop, splatter, tilt, blow,
whatever it takes to move the colors around the paper in an interesting design.
No brushing allowed,
and make sure to leave some of the water paper showing.
When dry,
  go in with at least 2 of their favorite media
 that they've learned to work with in the past 8 weeks,
 and find whimsical animals, birds, creatures, 
and make them come alive with line,
pattern and texture (zentangling),
and value.

I love Chasa Montreesirikul's completely different interpretation.
It reminds me of something you'd find in space.

The results are amazing and delightful,
and the watercolors are clean and fresh.
I've only done this assignment one other time,
 and I was thrilled with the results.

It's really remarkable how many creatures Britney Wu 
and Adriana Endow-Smith found within their watercolor blobs.
I was especially happy for Adriana that she found a couple of kitties 
since they are her favorite animals.

And I was so thrilled that Kayla Kim thought to bring in text into her piece.
It adds so much visual interest.

And Iris Lin's creatures seem to be dancing and having a ball.
It's pretty amazing how she captured a sense of movement within her watercolors.

Love, love, love these pieces.
I hope you enjoyed them as well!

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  1. To see something where nothing yet exists ... to create. This you all have done, some with whimsy, one with grit. I do like these ... a lot.