Friday, May 22, 2015


oil & water based pastels on paper

It's always fun for me to see what creative ideas the kids will come up with for this assignment.
First they need to find a great resource to work from.
Then their job is to enlarge it onto paper and work it in pastel,
also keeping in mind they need to fracture the work into at least 3 parts/pieces.

I was super excited by what junior Elias Rodriquez did for this assignment.
He used his best friend Kristina as his resource, 
and then built his piece dimensionally.
And to stabilize and house it he built a papier mache' skull.
A brilliant idea Elias!
I'm so impressed with your critical thinking, 
and the energy you put into this piece.
Know Elias,
that you have inspired me for next years kids.
I think this will be a new requirement to make it 3-D.
Thank you!!!

Junior Jonathan Hsu has pushed himself with the mounting of his portrait.
First of all he picked a great subject with dramatic coloring.
His fractures are over the eye and cheek areas,
but what really makes this piece pop is the framing.
Really cool!

All the students loved Nathan Chong's fracture of Kanye West.
I really like how he included the New York skyline in this fracture.
Makes so much sense for Kanye since he spends so much time there.
I just wish I'd photographed it on a different color backdrop so you could see the format better.
Sorry Nathan.

Senior Michael Cantu picked the perfect subject,
his little brother.  
 I love that!
The piece is really striking because of his color choices,
the distances between his fractures,
 and his range of values.
Great job as always Michael!

And senior Jovani Garcia surprised us by actually turning in an assignment.
And almost on time too!!
I know,
I'm a brat.
We love you and it Jovani!!
The subject is fun, 
the fractures perfectly placed.
And the addition of the colors around the head create a wonderful visual pull for the eye.
So Jovani,
I'm really looking forward to seeing your next assignment,
your scratchboard,
remember that one?
It's due,


  1. Jovani ... based on this, I'd like to see more!

    I'm also loving the skyline image of my hometown and think the little brother portrait will prove to be a very special keepsake for a senior who may be leaving home in the not-too-distant future.

  2. I came back to look again ... I really like these pieces, all of them. But I realized in commenting on the ones I did that there was something that touched my personal experience in each of them. And that's what is so amazing about artistry ... that ability to reach someone you've never met and probably never will. How cool is that?