Thursday, May 28, 2015


polymer clay, glass shards, wood boxes, metallic powders, acrylic paint, stamps

I thought it would be fun to hear from 3 of my favorite students about their art pieces.
So seniors Bianca Tolentino, Daphne Chiang and Kaili Hamada,
take it away!!!!!!!!

 My name's Bianca,
 and I'm actually very surprised as to how this box came about. 
I was jokingly saying how I should make a box to reflect how much of a drama queen I am,
 and it turns out, 
that's what the theme became! 
The words on the box say "Je suis la reine",
 or "I am the queen" in French. 
I think French is a beautiful language,
 and I loved how the metallic rubs looked on the black tile, 
so that's what I based my whole design off of. 
At first,
 I had no idea how to put my design together.
 It is a mosaic box, 
so I made the (totally painfully time consuming) choice of making tiny tiles to put together. 
That bit me in the butt later on when I put all of the tiles together.
 WOW that took a lot of patience, 
something I don't usually have. 
 I am so happy with the end result.
 My mom has fallen in love with the box,
 and I'm glad she did,
 because she truly is a woman of royalty. 

Thanks so much Ms. Sposa,
 for this assignment and everything you've exposed us to. 
Global skills are for life!

this is Daphne,
 and you're currently looking at the box I created! 
 I often use sun motifs or warm colors in my pieces. 
 The reason why?
I'm a pretty happy person who's absolutely terrified of the cold.  
The sun and warm colors remind me that when I'm having a bad day or feeling a bit down, 
the future will always be brighter. 
 Since I am graduating this year,
 I figured I would create a memory box where I can put little notes,
 reminders and trinkets,
 that help me remember all the happy moments I have had this year....
and in the future!. 
 It was a pain in the neck gluing all the tiny seed beads down between the clay tiles and glass mosaic pieces, 
but it was definitely worth it. 

I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to spend 2 full years with Ms. Agrums, 
who constantly encourages me to be creative and confident in the pieces I'm making.  
She has taught me more than just about three-dimensional art
 but how to be a kind and hardworking character. 
 I love you, 
and I sure am gonna miss you when I leave for college. 
 Thank you for everything!

Hello everyone!
 I am Kaili Hamada,
 and the mosaic box pictured here is mine! :) 
I  based my box off of a song called Midnight City by M83, 
and the midnight aspect of the title is what inspired all of the blue tones.
 As you can see,
 I covered every outer surface of my box with tye dyed fabric. 
I absolutely love color and dyeing it into fabric,
 and I incorporate tye dye into every assignment that I am able to! 
The song Midnight City has always put a specific image in my mind.
 I imagine myself biking down a street lit by lamp posts while it is softly drizzling.
 I tried to portray 'night' with the color scheme I used,
 and I used the metallic rubs on my Polymer tiles to represent the lights aligning the street in my imagination! 
Although at times, 
I was really frustrated while trying to fit my glass pieces together nicely, 
my box "Midnight City" turned out to be a piece I'm very proud of. 

A huge thank you to Mrs. Sposa for her constant encouragement to all of us,
 and for helping me be confident in my art work!  

I had no idea when I asked my beautiful girls to write about their boxes,
that it would turn into a cry fest for me.

Daphne, Kaili and Bianca, 
your heartfelt words touched me deeply.
Know that you will always be with me.
We have made so many wonderful memories together.
I'm going to miss your sweet faces coming in everyday at snack,
giving me a great big hi,
and often a hug,
to get a head start on your projects before class starts.
The hard work and effort you have given me is truly a remarkable thing.
Thank you for your enthusism and honest feedback.
It  helps me everyday to be a better teacher.
And know that I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you dear ones.
More to come to you this summer in my Senior Tribute.

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  1. Art and writing combine to create moving tributes to an obviously much-loved teacher. May the boxes and their makers go on to more wonderful journeys in the future.